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      One of the most interesting things about clothing in general is that as far as clothing goes, there is as much cultural diversity amongst people because of clothing as there is because of painting, of music and a number of other things as well. Cultural diversity can be a beautiful thing because it allows people to truly understand and truly appreciate our differences in a way that is peaceful and ultimately very beneficial to all of the different sides involved and a microcosm of that is the clothing worn by different cultures.

      When clothing is looked at on a geographical sense, one immediately notices that areas that are close to each other geographically do seem to have similar clothing types. The further away places are, the more different their clothing tends to be. What this has resulted in is that many people in western civilization have taken an interest in the starkly different clothing types of the South Asian countries and in particular women in the west have begun to regularly wear clothing pieces from South Asia; chief amongst those pieces being something called a Sarong.


      A Sarong is a piece of fabric that is extremely long in nature. It might be designed very beautifully or alternatively might be a very plain color, but the end point is that it is very long so that it can be wrapped around the body a multiple number of times. When it is wrapped around the body, the Sarong is wrapped around the body in order to cover all of the body much in the way that a full length robe would cover most of the body in western clothing design. Sarongs are sometimes also referred to as Saris and while the two pieces are not identical, they are very similar in that they consist of long pieces of fabric to be wrapped around the body.

      The Sarong Look

      The Sarong look itself is something that is difficult to pin down exactly simply because the sarong look is different depending on whom you talk to. People from South Asia that are used to wearing Sarongs on a daily basis will not think anything specific about the sarong look simply because the sarong look is the normal look they are used to everyday. The sarong look as it applies to western culture is one of people being awed at the beauty of the cloths used in creating the sarongs as well as the expressions of awe and appreciation at how slimming and flattering the sarong look can be on women that have never tried one on before.


      The main advantage of the sarong is that it is a piece of clothing that not only looks good on almost everyone, but also a piece of clothing that is usually cheaper to purchase. Even if the sarong itself is not cheaper in your immediate area, you can always buy an imported sarong from a country where the currency differential is so large that it effectively provides a huge discount on your purchase. Even importing and duty costs added on to the base cost would most likely result in you saving a fair bit on your sarong purchase.


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