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      Jewelry for Women



      Jewelry for women is perhaps the largest jewelry category division around. The reason for this is that even though many companies have made the switch from jewelry for women to unisex jewelry, the idea that jewelry is primarily something for women is an idea that still permeates throughout our life today. Jewelry for women is still created at a speed and quantity well beyond what male jewelry is created at and because of that the vast majority of shoppers that purchase jewelry are still women. Therefore, in order to remain competitive in the jewelry market, any store by necessity still has to carry a very large inventory of jewelry for women.


      Earrings are interesting items because they are virtually un-rivalled in their universal use by men and women. While this is also true for rings, generally rings will be created to be used by one sex or the other whereas earrings and especially small earrings that are unnoticeable most of the time tend to be used by men whether or not they were actually created by companies for male usage. In other words, the earring market has not really seen a very large influx of products, just a large influx of customers.


      Rings, like earrings, are products that have a large male and a large female market. When you are looking at jewelry for women and specifically rings for women, the differences between jewelry for men and jewelry for women are more readily apparent than they might be with other forms of jewelry. Consider that rings that are very decorative and very showy tend to be worn almost exclusively by women whereas rings that are very subdued (with the obvious exception of wedding bands which are a symbol of long term love) tend to be worn more by men.


      Necklaces for women share the same characteristics as rings for women. This is actually a characteristic that tend to be shared by all jewelry for women but because earrings, rings and necklaces are by far the three largest jewelry groups that are used by both sexes that pattern is more readily apparent when it is applied to one of those three groups. Necklaces that are for men tend to be larger and perhaps more lustrous but in terms of the actual design there are very few frills and mostly the design is very simple. Necklaces for women tend to have more design elements to them.


      There are a number of other pieces of jewelry for women around that are very obvious when compared to jewelry for men but in the long run most of the comparisons that are bandied about are going to be either about earrings, rings or necklaces. There are very few other jewelry comparisons that can be drawn between jewelry for men and jewelry for women. All in all though, jewelry for women has retained much of what made it appeal to so many women; it is beautiful, it is intricate and above all else it makes a women feel better about their outward appearance.


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