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    1. Supplyjewelry.com

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      Fashion Jewelry

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      Wholesale Jewelry Direct Distributor Supplyjewelry.com wholesale sterling silver jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion accessories, swimwear and sarong dresses at low cheap prices.  Our product include rings, toe rings, earring, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, semi precious stones, watches, pareo wrap skirt, dresses and much much more.  If you are a retailer / reseller and looking for below-wholesale prices and excellent quality of merchandises, please check out our wholesale catalog below. We provide free shipping to continental USA and Canada by UPS ground.

      Featured Products

      Jewelry Sets

      Toe Rings


      wholesale bellydance jewelry
      Bellydance Jewelry

      Hiphop Jewelry

      wholesale hair accessories
      Hair Accessories



      Handbag Hanger

      Jewelry Display

      Clocks Tabletop




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      Wholesale Jewelry Direct Distributor www.fqgnw.cn is a qulified PayPal World Seller Merchant

      Wholesale Jewelry Direct Distributor is a qualified PayPal World Seller Merchant whom is recognized as a high-volume and experienced international seller. Our wholesale distribution warehouses receive new shipment of jewellery, clothing and fashion gift items each month. Check out our web site for product updates. Free shipping to continental USA and Canada by UPS ground.    Minimum Order $100 Required

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